The Four Words for Home


“In The Four Words for Home, a journalist’s search for the human face of a world at war becomes a compelling personal quest to find family in the hearts of strangers. As Angie Chuang journeys from Portland to Kabul to Taoyuan and back again, first as witness, then as family, she paints a deft and moving portrait of the walls we erect—to keep out the other, to hold tight to our loved ones, to keep our secrets and to protect ourselves from hurt—and shows us how they crumble in the face human complexity and enduring love.”
Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, author of Hiroshima in the Morning and Why She Left Us, winner of the American Book Award

“Among all the tonnage of work about self and the world at large you will find coming out these days from large presses and small, this serious and lovely experiment from Angie Chuang deserves your attention. If you are serious about reading news about kinship, the rigors of family, the by-blows of war, the way to making peace piece-meal (the only way for most of us), this is a book you need.”
Alan Cheuse, author of Fall Out of Heaven: An Autobiographical JourneyTo Catch the Lightning, and book commentator for National Public Radio

“Chuang takes us on a compelling journey where the discovery of identity and place reveals the complexity of family, belonging, and home. This intertwining of two stories captures the imagination and brings us to a new vision of the way borders blur and become fluid.”
Pauline Kaldas, author of Letters from Cairo, judge for Willow Books Literature Awards