The Four Words for Home is in your hot little hands

Violet May Zivnuska Wang, age 2 and a half, is one of The Four Word for Home's first readers.

Violet May Zivnuska Wang, age 2½, is one of The Four Word for Home’s first readers.

One of the unexpected delights of having a book published is that moment when friends across the country and world start getting their copies—and posting on social media.

Thank you for all those great photos of the book on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. This one is my hands-down favorite, emailed to me by my dear friend and proud dad John(ny) Wang, who also has the dubious honor of appearing on p. 102 of the book, gamely illustrating an ironic truism of Chinese American culture. (Yes, I’m being deliberately coy—buy the book to find out!)

I’ve known Violet May Zivnuska Wang since she was tiny and before her tiger dads Johnny and Rob Zivnuska taught her to read 300-page books (just kidding, but she sure holds it convincingly). I’m told she just might make an appearance to my April 22 Book Passage reading in San Francisco.

Thanks for reading, Violet! Go gentle on your review, OK?


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